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Bringing pregnancy out of the dark with a personalized window into pregnancy

First to predict pregnancy complications before they happen by revealing the underlying biology of pregnancy health.1,2,3

A breakthrough shaping the future of pregnancy health.

The Mirvie RNA platform predicts pregnancy complications months before they occur using a simple blood test.1,2,3

The platform reveals vital information about a pregnancy's unique biology by analyzing tens of thousands of RNA messages that drive dramatic changes throughout pregnancy. 1,2,3 

The Mirvie RNA Platform

A new window into pregnancy health for women to act and their doctors to intervene before complications become a crisis.

Landmark research demonstrates the platform predicts preeclampsia and preterm birth months in advance.1,2,3

Landmark Research

Families deserve a more confident path through pregnancy.

The power to transform how we predict, prevent, and treat unexpected complications.

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RNA molecules sequenced from a single blood sample could predict preeclampsia months before symptoms appear.
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The researchers found the model could identify three-quarters of women who would later develop preeclampsia early in their pregnancies.
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“It’s often in the first trimester that a lot of the onset of the condition happens biologically,” despite symptoms appearing late in pregnancy.
Detecting preeclampsia after symptoms arise “leaves you very little time to address the challenge. And it’s mostly crisis management.”
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A Personalized Window Into Pregnancy

The underlying biology of pregnancy health revealed.

For the first time in history, the Mirvie RNA platform reveals a fundamental understanding of the underlying biology of each unique pregnancy, including pregnancy complications.1,2,3

This breakthrough can enable proactive, preventive, and personalized pregnancy care for the well-being of millions of moms and babies.

The Mirvie RNA Platform

The Mirvie RNA Platform
The platform combines revolutionary analysis of tens of thousands of RNA messages from the baby, the placenta and the mom, with machine learning.1,2,3
RNA Blood Test
Using a simple blood test, it reveals RNA messages driving the dramatic changes in pregnancy, like a baby’s growth and a mom’s body.1,2,3
Mirvie Early Detection Window
The platform can predict complications months earlier based on the underlying biology of each unique pregnancy. 1,2,3
Mom & Baby
This creates a new window for moms to act and their doctors to intervene before a complication becomes a crisis.1,2,3

Landmark Pregnancy Health Research

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Noninvasive blood tests for fetal development predict gestational age and preterm delivery (2018)
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RNA profiles reveal signatures of future health and disease in pregnancy (2022)
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Predictive RNA profiles for early and very early spontaneous preterm birth (2022)

Mirvie is conducting ongoing clinical research to validate existing peer-reviewed evidence, enhance the platform's performance, and improve the understanding of other pregnancy complications.

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