Posters & Abstracts

Mirvie is conducting ongoing clinical research to validate existing peer-reviewed evidence, enhance the platform's performance, and improve the understanding of other pregnancy complications.

RNA Profiles reveal patterens of circadian rythm in Pregnancy
Cell-free RNA captures daily biological rhythm in pregnancy
Mirive SMFM Poster Abstract
Decentralized clinical trials: A flexible and efficient adjunct to accelerate pregnancy complication research
Mobile-friendly virtual recruitment accelerates pregnancy health research.
Mirive ACOG Poster Abstract
Main Street, USA Enrollment: Community hospital recruitment strategies for diverse and equitable selection of pregnant participants in a prospective cohort study
Patients at community hospitals can and should be included in clinical research for better representation.
Mirive Woman's Hospital, Precia Group, ACOG Poster Abstract
Cell-free RNA detection of “placental” and immunologic differentially-expressed genes in healthy pregnant vs. non-pregnant individuals
Cell-free RNA offers a comprehensive way to track physiological changes in pregnancy, but use caution with gene annotations.
Mirive Woman's Hospital, Precia Group, ACOG Poster Abstract